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At Top Pest Control of Escondido, we are proud of safeguarding the residents from bed bugs. Sadly, it appears they are on the rise. We’re not precisely sure why the surge of them has occurred, but common explanations are increased foreign travel, the exchanging of second-hand furniture, and the close proximity of living quarters.


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We think we can all agree that they are completely dreadful and no one likes them. They’re among the pests that you really can’t ignore. While you’re sleeping, they come out to feed on you. They use a piece of their mouth, called a stylet, to pierce the skin of humans. Theys use this stylet to saw through human flesh to find blood vessels for feeding. A bed bug typically feeds on a human for five minutes before returning to its hiding spot. They will simultaneously inject saliva into the body of the human it is feeding on. This saliva can create swelling and cause extreme itchiness.


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It’s often difficult to detect them. Not only they are nocturnal, but they’re also small and very adept at hiding in small areas. In most cases we’ve dealt with, people don’t realize they have bed bugs until they get attached in their sleep. An additional way to discover them, besides having a lot of bite marks, is to have blood or fecal spots on your bed sheets. Once you think it is likely that you may have them you should not sleep in your house until it’s been treated.


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